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  • Market leader in fiber-to-the-home equipment

    We are the European market leader in developing and delivering fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) equipment that connects the end-user with the digital world.

  • Enabling communication

    To make this a reality, our mission is to continue to develop, build and supply products that are focused on enabling in-home communication. End users increasingly view being connected in the same way as they view switching on a light or having water; it has become a necessity in their everyday lives.

  • Our vision

    Our vision is to provide infinite fiber broadband connectivity, anywhere in the home, available to everyone. Why? Because we believe that by continuing to innovate and produce technology-led products, we will help facilitate a more connected world.

  • The vital link

    By providing our customers with the highest quality in-home connectivity solutions, we act as a vital link in the chain allowing people to connect with each other and the wide range of services on offer. From ultra HD video streaming to being able to monitor energy use and manage energy consumption through smart meters, to keeping in touch with friends and family through apps and social networking.

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