TrueTalk - One ONT for any OLT!

Network Operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) benefit from the flexibility to select mixed OLT brands and line cards while securing seamless interoperability with a single universal software. Already embedded in all Genexis PON products, including the widely deployed FiberTwist, TrueTalk is OLT agnostic and free from vendor lock-in.

2024 broadband connectivity: 4 trends shaping the market

As 2023 comes to a close, here are some reflections from Gerlas van den Hoven, CEO of Genexis Group, about the broadband market during the past year, what we can expect for 2024 and how Genexis is meeting market needs.

Future trends in the broadband market
Product Launch: Aura E650 out now!

Our new generation Residential Gateway – combining sped with elegance and sustainability: the Aura E650. It is a powerful 2.5GE Wi-Fi 6 gateway that allows all connected devices in a home to run at their designated speeds without interuption, providing great end-user experiences!

FTTH operators now have choices when selecting ONTs

Download the latest OMDIA whitepaper, which focuses on the reasoning for working with an independent ONT vendor whose ONTs work with the optical line terminals (OLTs) of multiple vendors.

Whitepaper - FTTH operators now have choices when selecting ONTs
Genexis Product Portfolio

We design, we develop, we deliver

Our solutions are based on our wide and complete product portfolio. So that you can provide your end-user with a completely connected home. Our product portfolio is designed and developed together with broadband service providers, operators and installers to perfectly match their needs.

Connecting your complete home

Our products to connect your complete home range from network termination, to residential gateways, to extenders & repeaters, to management solutions.

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