Image people deserve fiber

People deserve fiber

We believe that everyone deserves to be connected to fiber broadband at their home.

Because thanks to fiber-to-the-home, people are able to fully participate in the rising digital era where online services and applications have become essential.

To achieve what we believe in, we want to support you in your fiber-to-the-home deployment, by making it as easy as possible.

Whats new:

Pure E600 and FiberTwist 6000 product launch!

We are proud to announce the Pure E600 and the FiberTwist 6000 are officially launched and added to our connected home product line. Both products support Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi EasyMeshâ„¢, with a PHY rate of up to 5400 Mbps.

The Pure E600 is our new multiport router for traditional deployment scenarios where voice and multiple LAN connections are required.
The FiberTwist 6000 is our new all-in one fiber gateway, for homes and apartments where the fiber is terminated in the living area. It connects the gateway directly to the fiber.

All to turn a fiber connection into a fiber experience!

Genexis Product Portfolio

We design, we develop, we deliver

Our solutions are based on our wide and complete product portfolio. So that you can provide your end-user with a completely connected home. Our product portfolio is designed and developed together with broadband service providers, operators and installers to perfectly match their needs.

Connecting your complete home

Our products to connect your complete home range from network termination, to residential gateways, to extenders & repeaters, to management solutions.

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