XGX-B Network terminal
16 April 2024 | Press Release

Genexis launches next-generation Network Terminal XGX-B catering to Nordic markets

Genexis, a leader in innovative broadband solutions, is launching its latest product, a network terminal (NT) called XGX-B with 10G support for both Point-to-Point and Passive Optical Networks (PON). Tailored specifically to address the demands of the Nordic market, this cutting-edge product follows in the footsteps of the widely recognized XG6864, which has an impressive installed base of over 65% in Sweden. Representing the fourth generation of this esteemed product series, the XGX-B maintains the compact form factor that has earned customers’ trust for two decades.

With a commitment to understanding and collaborating closely with major stakeholders in the Swedish market, Genexis has developed the XGX-B in response to the evolving needs of the industry for high-performance and high-speed broadband.  This next-generation product offers both backwards compatibility with existing copper infrastructure and is future-proof for next-gen fiber deployment. Leveraging the installed base of XG FiberTrays, which allows installers to manage excessive fiber easily, the XGX-B simplifies network upgrades with its future-proof concept.

Key features of the XGX-B include:XGX-B Network terminal

  • Compatible with the XG FiberTray
  • 1 x SFP + 1/10GE WAN PtP & GPON/XGSPON
  • 1 x 2.5GE WAN/LAN
  • 1 x 10GE LAN (with support for 2.5GE and 5GE)
  • 3 x 1GE LAN
  • CATV support (optional)
  • Support for USP TR-369 and TR-181
  • Housing constructed from 75% recycled plastic
  • Open-source software based on IOWRT

Magnus Broden, Senior Product Manager at Genexis, says, “We are thrilled to introduce the XGX-B, which represents the collaboration with our valued partners in the Nordic market, responding to their need for a next-generation product with even higher speeds. With its advanced features and future-proof design, we are confident that the XGX-B will set a new standard for network termination in the market.”

The XGX-B is a testament to Genexis’ dedication to innovation and sustainability. It offers cutting-edge technology while minimizing environmental impact.