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At Genexis we believe everybody deserves to be connected to fiber broadband at their home. In order for everyone to be able to fully connect to fiber, we need to ensure interoperability. Therefore, we develop our products so that they are interoperable in every deployment scenario and in every in-home scenario.

The four key ingredients for our Interoperability solution

One ONT firmware for all OLTs

When deploying a PON network, whether it is a GPON or XGS-PON network, there is the OLT – ONT interoperability challenge. What ONT brand with which firmware version should you choose to connect with all the different OLTs in the field? The short-term decision could be to choose the same brand ONT as OLT. But what will happen if you want to switch OLTs? Or if you want to expand your network to an area with another OLT? Or want to add a second source OLT vendor?

Imagine being able to answer these challenges with one single firmware in the ONT. This is TrueTalk™. With TrueTalk™, the ONT automatically detects and connects to all different OLTs in your network via its PON autosensing technology. To make it even easier, TrueTalk™ is pre-installed on all our PON ONTs.

Open software for third parties

Besides the PON interoperability, ensuring no vendor lock-in on the PON side, we ensure interoperability with third parties in other areas as well. For example, with our residential gateways we ensure this through our open software supporting industry standards such as, TR-x69, OpenWrt and the prpl Foundation.

Thanks to our software, based on these open standards, our products seamlessly connect with third party products. Meaning there is no question if the Genexis product will work or connect, as they always will.

No vendor lock-in

When deploying a PON network with a certain OLT, or when using a certain residential gateway, the last thing you want is to be completely locked-in with your future decisions. As an independent vendor, Genexis does the complete opposite. We create products which are fully interoperable to ensure there is no vendor lock-in. We have an open policy, where we always support as many OLTs and third-party residential gateways as possible.

In other words: your choice of today, does not affect your choices in the future.

BBF.247 certified for XGS-PON

The FiberTwist XGS2110x has received the BBF.247 certification. The BBF.247 is an Optical Network Termination (ONT) conformance test plan, with a focus on ONT configuration (OMCI) and QoS. It aims to ensure ONTs maturity and compliance to the market & operators requirements. It paves the way to integration and interoperability (interop).

This means that it helps with the ease of interoperability with the different OLTs in the field. Allowing more complex deployments, dealing with mixed OLTs in a single network, and with less operational technicalities

FiberTwist P2410 G2410 Front High Twisted

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