27 March 2024 | News

Genexis Wins Two Prestigious Innovation Awards from FTTH Council Europe

Genexis, a leading provider of cutting-edge fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and broadband solutions for the home, was announced the winner of the FTTH Council Europe Innovation Awards 2024 in two categories. Out of the 42 companies competing for the awards, Genexis is recognized for its groundbreaking contributions to the telecommunications industry within the following categories:

  • GENEXIS-WINNER FTTH INNOVATION AWARDSActive Infrastructure – Central Network:Genexis TrueTalk™ (Passive Optical Network (PON) autosensing software) streamlines operator and Internet Service Provider connectivity across multiple Optical Line Terminals (OLTs), reducing costs and risks during technology migration.
  • Active Infrastructure – Home Network:IOWRT SDK 7.3 The IOWRT Software Development Kit (SDK) empowers Service Providers to decouple RGW (residential gateway) software from hardware, enabling compatibility across different gateway processors.

 “At the FTTH Council Europe, we have the objective of bringing full-fiber connectivity to every European household, an ambitious goal that can only be achieved by continuous technology advancements. As one of our long-lasting members, we are pleased to see Genexis at the forefront of FTTH innovation,” says Vincent Garnier, Director General at FTTH Council Europe.

FTTH 2024 innovation awards ceremonyTrueTalk is innovative PON autosensing software that ensures seamless interoperability. It automatically detects the OLT and connects to different OLT brands and line cards in the network via a single firmware version. The autosensing software streamlines deployment processes, accelerates network rollout, and minimizes costs associated with storage, transportation, labor, and training. TrueTalk is integrated into all Genexis PON products, including FiberTwist and FiberBox.

The IOWRT SDK gives Service Providers unparalleled flexibility to decouple RGW software from hardware. Compatibility across various gateway processors is ensured and offers more OEM choices. IOWRT SDK simplifies customer care, upgrades, and maintenance while enhancing the overall user experience. With the release of version 7.3, featuring Wi-Fi 7 support, Genexis continues to lead the way in delivering innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of connected homes.

 “We are deeply honored to receive these prestigious awards from the FTTH Council Europe. This recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to driving innovation and openness in the telecommunications industry,” says Gerlas van den Hoven, CEO at Genexis. ” I also want to thank the entire Genexis team for their dedication, expertise, and great motivation to make this happen. These awards are a testament to their hard work and innovative spirit.”