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We all have come to notice how important it is to be connected to the internet. How that connection needs to be stable, strong, and covering the whole home, however WiFi can also be very complex. Take a fiber to the home network for example: the number of devices, constant changes, new standards and even the complexity of WiFi itself.
To deal with this complexity we have created the Pulse; a multi-functional WiFi solution. A solution that eases the lives of your end-users and for the operator and service provider, by providing you more than a standard mesh product. That is why we say: ‘More than Mesh’.

The four concepts of ‘More than Mesh’:

Covering all in-home deployment scenarios

The first concept of ‘More than Mesh’ is that the Pulse adapts to whatever you need it to be. It is a 3-in-1 product, meaning it can be a wireless extender, a wired extender, and a router. The beauty is that the Pulse automatically detects whether it should act as a router or as an extender. It adapts automatically.

This means, no more dealing with different products, different boxes, different installation methods or different look and feels. As network operator or service provider, you can offer your customers a hassle free WiFi experience with just one type of device.

Fast and stable connection everywhere in the home

The second concept is providing a fast and stable connection throughout the home. To deliver this connection, our ‘More than Mesh’ solutions include WiFi6 technology and supports the Wi-Fi EasyMeshTM standards from the Wi-Fi Alliance. The beauty of Wi-Fi EasyMeshTM is that it truly creates one single network without any weak spots. Client devices are steered to the most optimal WiFi access point, instead of sticking to the initial one.

To also bridge the obstacles that may be faced in parts of the home, for example thick walls, we included the possibility for a wired mesh connection. This means, we included two dedicated LAN ports on the Pulse to allow the end-user to connect multiple devices that require wired connectivity.

Seamlessly connected 

Third concept is all about the installation process. First impressions are decisive, it has to be right the first time. This is especially the case for the installation process. As service provider, you want end-users to do this themselves, in 1 time, without having to call your helpdesk. To enable this first-time right, we designed EasyTouch Pairing.

With EasyTouch Pairing, wireless extenders are seamlessly connected to the router with a simple touch of a button on both devices and WiFi credentials are shared automatically and securely. On the other hand, connecting a wired extender is simply plugging in the Ethernet cable and all credentials are shared. The Pulse configures completely by itself.

Open and interoperable with third parties

Forth and final concept, it is about being able to have insights in your network. Because this is the key to manage the home networks. In this, we don’t believe in proprietary solutions, backdoor constructions, or a vendor lock-in. We believe in openness and interoperability. So of course, the Pulse is a based on open industry standards.

For mesh networks, we deliberately chose for Wi-Fi EasyMeshTM, due to it being it is based on open standards. The management platform of the Pulse is based on the TR-069 and TR-369 standards. This allows you to manage the devices with our own CloudSight management platform or any 3rd party management solution based on these standards. Finally, the Command Line Interface of the Pulse is based on the standardized TR-181 data model.

Illustration Product Pulse Ex600

1 type of device is enough!

With the Pulse you only need one device to cover you complete in-home connection. The Pulse can act as a router, making it the starting point of your network. With EasyTouch Pairing, it is easy to connect new Pulse devices either in a wired or wireless way. The Wi-Fi EasyMeshTM network ensures that truly one network is created. The dedicated LAN ports allow the end-user to connect devices, such as gaming consoles, with an Ethernet cable. All to create the ultimate WiFi experience for your end-user.

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