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CloudSight Suite

Connecting a home to fiber is all about making the end-user happy. After that it is about keeping them happy! To ensure this, you need to manage the deployed network. This can be done via CloudSight Suite.

The CloudSight Suite offers a complete range of powerful provisioning and management tools, supporting services, hosting options, API for easy integration and an app. All to monitor, control, and optimize equipment and in-home networks from a single and easy-to-use interface.

The four key benefits of the CloudSight suite
Remote device provisioning

CloudSight ACS

As more networks are enrolled and more devices are connected to a single network, it becomes harder to manage this in a clear and effective manner. With CloudSight ACS, operators can easily manage the deployed network devices. The platform provides the ultimate flexibility to provision TR-069 & TR-369 (USP) based devices while providing tools that allow the support to make easy configuration changes per home.

No matter how many devices are connected, CloudSight allows you to provision these devices in easy and predefined scripts. Greatly increasing operational efficiency.

Fast troubleshooting

CloudSight Helpdesk

CloudSight Helpdesk offers customer care tools to manage home networks and resolve service interruptions. Network issues are detected and displayed in clear system level KPI dashboards. If something is wrong, alarms are generated, which allows for pro-active problem resolution. Through the flexible search capabilities, the call center representative can easily find a CPE or customer.

The customer level dashboards provide an in-depth health status of the home network, point out potential weak spots and provide action buttons to remedy the issue.

Intuitive end-user app

Genexis EasyWiFi App 

The EasyWiFi app is part of the deployment solution for great in-home connectivity, because end-users can also be included when it comes to managing the home network. Allow them to manage tasks such as onboarding of new devices, changing network settings, network overview status or provide a clear guide how to connect extra extenders to the network.

By letting end-users do simple tasks themselves instead of calling the helpdesk, it saves greatly in operational costs and increases customer satisfaction.

24/7, at your service!

CloudSight Support

CloudSight Support provides 24/7 top-tier service. You can rely on professional advice on how CloudSight works best in your specific situation. During the installation, our team ensures a smooth setup and fully supports you with the configuration, integration, and expert and non-expert (CSR) training and onboarding.

Post-installation quality is assured by pro-actively monitoring performance and by providing fast-response assurance support.

Effortless system integration

CloudSight API

With CloudSight API, CloudSight can easily be connected to your OSS/BSS environment and any other 3rd party application. Via REST-API, CloudSight can be integrated into your current customer care and billing environment, trouble ticketing, network inventory, business intelligence and performance management platforms.

To automate and enable end-to-end service delivery CloudSight can also be connected to your ordermanagement system.

Secure cloud access

CloudSight Hosting

The hosting of CloudSight can be done in several ways. As operator or ISP you have the option to connect CloudSight to a local server. Alternatively, you can opt for CloudSight Hosting services. A managed service that offers a safe, secure and scalable server environment to run CloudSight. Certification, configuration and security upgrades are provided by a team of experts, who monitor and report on performance.

With CloudSight Hosting you can rely on a high-quality and controlled server environment. CloudSight Hosting complies with GDPR regulation, and all servers are EU located.

CloudSight management

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