Smart Fiber Deployment

Connecting everyone to fiber; easy and fast

Smart Fiber Deployment

We believe that everyone deserves to be connected to fiber broadband at their home. We do this by making this as easy as possible for the installers, operators, service providers and end-users. Together with our customers, we design and develop products that focus on easy and fast installation, while at the same time covering all common deployment scenario’s using smart product designs.

The four key ingredients for our Smart Fiber Deployment solution

Easy and fast installation by clever product designs

At Genexis, our meaning of ‘easy and fast installation’ applies to both the installer and the end-user. For installers, this helps them to maximize the number of fiber connections per day, while for end-users it provides them with a true 100% Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solution.

With our easy to install products, we enable fast and friendly fiber roll-out with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). Installer visits can be limited and decreased, and truck rolls are reduced. More importantly, it leads to more installations per day.

Flexible products, covering all common deployment scenarios

No matter whether you are looking for a GPON, XGS-PON, Point-to-Point, or optical fiber patch through product, we cover it all. Thinking about a mixed network setup or switching an OLT? Are there additional options needed such as CATV or FXS? Do you have a 2-fiber network, or are you considering adding routing functionalities to the network termination unit? Do you need management capabilities to provision and monitor your devices?

You are at the right address; with our product portfolio we cover it all.
For example, thanks to its maximum flexibility and its patented interface, the FiberTwist provides you with one single product to cover each and every deployment scenario in your network.

Local support; from testing to mass deployment

Every country, every region, and even every network is different. In order to provide a complete solution, you need local knowledge and presence.

Genexis has offices in 7 countries in North-West Europe, with more countries to follow.
Because of this, we understand the language, we understand the local laws and regulations, but most importantly, we understand you.

Together with you we create the perfect solution for smart fiber deployment, increasing the success of your fiber network.

Compact products with elegant designs

An important – and sometimes forgotten – aspect of deploying fiber at the end-user is the design of the products. End-users desire and expect products with style and elegancy that deserve a place within their homes. Especially given the fact that it is not always possible to choose the place of installation.

With our enhanced LED-dimming feature for instance, the end-user can decide to dim the LEDs to different levels, minimizing the visual presence in the living room. Our sleek and stylish designed products therefore increase the end-user’s acceptance of installing them within their interiors.

FiberTwist P2410 G2410 Front High Twisted

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