Product Customization

Customize our products to perfectly fit your network.

Product Customization

Not every deployment scenario is the same, some need an extra touch. At Genexis we understand that, and we want to create products that match the needs of your deployment.
Together with you and our dedicated user experience team for example, we can customize our products in such a way that they fit your specific deployment scenario, to get the most out of your network and achieve maximum impact.

The four key ingredients for our Product Customization solution

Brand visibility

It goes without saying that brand recognition is very important for your business. We understand that you want your brand to be visible when deploying. So, to completely match your branding and marketing needs, you can customize the printing on our products and/or its packaging.

To promote your fiber subscriptions for example, you can add a QR-code on the product so that end-users can easily see what fiber subscriptions you provide. Or, use a barcode on the FTU or active device, so installers can link a home connection to a certain address and active device.

Tailor made assembly 

As operator you want to deploy as easy and fast as possible.
For example by pre-assembling certain products or products attachments. Such as pre-assembly of a protected fiber cable or a FiberTwist-FTU with pre-installed pigtails, you can shorten the expensive work of installers in the field. Resulting in more deployments per day, and therefore a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Together with you, we seek the best way to deliver our products for a fast and easy deployment.

Default network configuration

Every deployment scenario is different, and there is no single firmware version that can work out of the box without any customizations for all different networks.
Genexis deals with this via a smart and simple way of customization. This means that when you connect a Genexis device to your network, it automatically receives all the right settings belonging to your network. Genexis can also pre-configure devices before they are shipped to you.

Either way, Genexis supports you in making the installation as easy as possible.


An increasingly important topic nowadays is sustainability. Based on this growing market demand, we have created products of which the housing consists of more than 95% recycled plastics. In parallel, we are reducing the use of virgin plastics and paper in our products and are looking for more ways to lower our environmental footprint.

Do you have more ideas on how we can further improve our products to make them even more sustainable? We are keen to discuss these opportunities with you.

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