24 October 2023 | Press Release

Genexis presents TrueTalk software, ensuring seamless interoperability for PON

Genexis, a market leader within Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) solutions, today launched TrueTalkTM at Network X. All Genexis products with this auto sensing software automatically detect the Optical Line Terminal (OLT) to achieve successful interoperability in any Passive Optical Network (PON).

Genexis TrueTalk PON Auto-sensing

Network Operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) benefit from the flexibility to select mixed OLT brands and line cards while securing seamless interoperability with a single universal software. Already embedded in all Genexis PON products, including the widely deployed FiberTwist, TrueTalk is OLT agnostic and free from vendor lock-in.


Key benefits of TrueTalk include:

Ensures interoperability: Via its PON auto-sensing technology, Genexis PON Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) automatically detect and connect to all different OLTs in your network.
Streamlines installations: Installations are easier and faster without matching the OLT brand with the ONT; you just need a single ONT in your installer’s vans.
Supports broad PON portfolio and network upgrades: A single ONT software on Genexis PON products manages the entire current network and can handle future upgrades.
No vendor lock-in: By deploying our independent ONTs embedded with TrueTalk, there is full flexibility to select OLTs from different brands, now or in the future.

“With Genexis, the worries that we have to change GPON ONTs in the field if we once decide for a different OLT vendor is gone. Genexis is interoperable with the OLT vendors we currently use and all the major ones in the market,” says Volker Rau, CTO of DNS:NET.

“TrueTalk is a truly innovative technology that gives operators and ISPs a single software to connect to multiple OLTs, removing interoperability challenges. We have learned from operators that they struggle once they have multiple OLT brands in their network. With our solution, they can deploy products and services smoothly and faster to the market,” says Gerlas van den Hoven, CEO Genexis Group.

Based on OLT agnostic capabilities via TrueTalk, XGS-PON ONTs supplied by Genexis are the second most sold and installed in Europe. TrueTalk is already deployed in over 100 networks.