XGS2418 Interface Right Angle
19 March 2024 | Press Release

Genexis expands FiberTwist Series with next-gen ONT with two 10GE LAN ports: XGS2418

Genexis, a leading PON Optical Network Terminal (ONT) vendor in Europe, continues to expand its FiberTwist portfolio by introducing FiberTwist XGS2418. Known for its Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installation due to the mechanism of a single “twist,” FiberTwist XGS2418 is a new-generation premium XGS-PON ONT. In the growing trend of high-speed open access networks, customers have asked for a solution that enables seamless transitions between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) without any service downtime, supporting speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

Featuring two 10GE LAN ports and two 1GE LAN ports, this ONT empowers end-users to effortlessly activate, upgrade, or switch between ISPs by simply plugging into the appropriate port, eliminating the need for costly truck rolls or interruptions in service. Tailored specifically for network operators adopting an open-access model, the FiberTwist XGS2418 enables the provision of multiple ISPs on a single ONT, further enhancing flexibility and choice for end-users.

Integrated across the entire FiberTwist portfolio is TrueTalkTM, Genexis’ innovative Passive Optical Network (PON) autosensing software. Interoperability is seamless, as TrueTalkTM automatically detects the Optical Line Terminal (OLT) and connects to different OLT brands and line cards in your network via a single firmware version.

XGS2418 Interface Right Angle

Key features of FiberTwist XGS2418:

  • XGS-PON ONT with 2x 10GE LAN ports and 2x 1GE LAN ports
  • Ideal for high-speed open access networks to minimize end-user service impact when changing ISPs and to connect two 10GE capable clients in parallel
  • Assured interoperability with a single PON autosensing firmware, TrueTalkTM, allowing flexibility to choose any OLT vendor
  • Using a simple twist mechanism, enabling a 100% DIY installation by end-users to avoid expensive truck rolls
  • Over 25% lower power consumption than the EU Code of Conduct for broadband equipment target
  • Sustainable choice with 90% recycled plastics, halogen-free printed circuit board (PCB), and designed to easily support refurbishment
  • Supporting premium security features

“FiberTwist XGS2418 is yet another example of how we meet evolving customer needs and supply valuable solutions. We work closely with customers who have a growing interest in adopting open-access models for fiber network optimization. As a result, ISPs can offer various services and give end-users more choices,” says Kajsa Arvidsson, Chief Marketing Officer at Genexis.