The Genexis CloudSight platform is a scalable real-time server platform connecting iopsysWrt devices to the Cloud, enabling remote device management, helpdesk facilities, WiFi analytics and application management. The management server handles the account administration and the communication with the iopsysWrt communication engine (ICE) > XMPP client, residing in the devices. The  CloudSight is a next generation tool supporting operators and service providers in achieving real-time device management, helpdesk and analytics.  CloudSight scales as you grow and is offered as an annual subscription per home.

Data collection and analytics – Realtime access to home insight

Support has realtime insight in the status of the customer home. The support desk analyses the home and receives alerts with clear instructions on how to remedy the situation.


Device management – Automatic grouping of devices per home

With more WiFi range extenders coming to the home it becomes harder to get a good overview of the connected devices.

The CloudSight management platform automatically groups devices that belong to the same home and provides system level overview of the connected devices.



Connected homes can be provisioned on demand directly from the support helpdesk, or scheduled by the administrator. Each home can have a separate set of services provisioned to accommodate todays need for differentiation.


Monitoring and Big Data analytics

Large scale collection of standard data like syslog and any data available in the Genexis device or home network can be performed on demand or at regular intervals providing in depth information of the home to better analyse and correct potential issues.


Selfcare via APP and GUI

The CloudSight selfcare application allows the end user to easily see his home network and correct potential issues. The open SDK provides fully customizable features and design.


Advanced software platform: iopsysWRT

With iopsysWRT, the service provider benefits from a proven software platform and is able to add modules based on openWRT standards independently at the same time. The compatible devices can be connected to cloud solutions such as CloudSight, making the life of the ISPs helpdesk easier, while supporting WiFi analytics and self-help via a mobile APP as well.


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