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Your satisfaction is our number one concern!

CloudSight Support provides 24/7 top-tier service. You can rely on professional advice on how CloudSight works best in your specific situation. During the installation, our implementation team ensures a smooth setup and fully supports you with the configuration, integration, training and onboarding.

After installation, quality is assured by pro-actively monitoring performance and by providing fast-response assurance support.


No upfront investment

No upfront investment!

CloudSight is a scalable and secure cloud-based solution, offered on a subscription base. No upfront investments nor complex and costly software integrations are needed. The attractively priced recurring license fee is to be paid per active connected device.

So, no wasted costs for inactive stock. There is even a try and buy possibility offering you a free trial to test CloudSight.


An important part of every management platform is the onboarding. This should be done as smooth and easy as possible to get you started the right way. To ensure this, we have our implementation team, to fully support you with the configuration and integration.

In addition, we also provide training and documentation for experts and non-experts. Depending on your needs, we can further customize the onboarding. Meaning, thanks to CloudSight Support a hands-on onboarding is ensured.

Professional services

During the usage of CloudSight, you can rely on professional advice on how CloudSight works best in your environment. We know there are many different deployment scenarios and different needs of our customers that also change over time.

When anything changes we can help with future development such as additional graphs, scripts, services, helpdesk widgets, diagnostics tools etc. Also, if needed, OSS/BSSS integration and extensions of the REST-API. Meaning that whatever your needs are, or if they change, we can help you.

SLA support levels

As part of the total CloudSight Support we provide three different service level agreements. Depending on the service level you prefer, you can choose between: Bronze – Silver – Gold.

Upgrading to Silver or Gold, for example leads to: Faster response times, extended service windows, with up to 24/7 support for critical and major issues, on-site support, personal assigned engineer and local language (if applicable). Feel free to contact us or your local sales representative for more detailed information.

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We encourage you to experience the value of CloudSight, because ‘seeing is believing’. Setting up a free trial allows you to provision, manage and support your devices, services and in-home networks, without any costs or obligations.

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