EG Series

High-end ARM residential gateway


The EG Series is the high-end residential gateway for your customers who want quality. The EG can be used for both Ethernet connections as well as fiber connections. Thanks to its modular build approach, extra options can be added, without changing hardware. Making it is the perfect device for deploying in different scenarios.

EG400 + fiber Tray

High performance

By offering a high-end ARM residential gateway, with both an Ethernet and fiber uplink, the EG Series is the device that can be deployed in every scenario, while providing your customer with a high performance routing possibilities.

EG400 Top

ETH and SFP based uplink

The EG has both a Ethernet and an SFP based uplink, meaning that it can always be deployed, no matter what the connection in the home is. When the SFP uplink is used, it over rules the ETH uplink. So, if you as operator switch from an ethernet to a fiber network, there is no need to change your deployed devices.

When rolling out a network in different scenarios, you do not need two different products for each type of connection. The EG can be used for both, meaning less logistical and operational costs, and less trainings costs as installers and help desk employees only need to know one product.

EG400 Ports

High-end all-in-one gateway

The EG series is a high-end ARM based residential gateway delivering 4×4 ac WiFi performance, with two voice ports and four LAN ports. The WLAN access point supports a TCP throughput wireless communication, which gives end-users access everywhere in the home without having to build a wired network.

The EG provides you as operator maximum deployment flexibility, as it had voice, Ethernet and WiFi. Making it a high-end all-in-one gateway your deployment scenario needs.

EG FiberTray

FiberTray possibilities

The EG can also be deployed with a FiberTray. With this FiberTray the fiber connection can be terminated, making it a fiber termination unit (FTU). The FiberTray is specifically built to ensure easy fiber termination and proper fiber security.

The FiberTray is mounted on the wall and specially designed that installers can easily connect the EG to the FiberTray. Connecting the EG to its FiberTray only adds 1 cm of extra build up, ensuring that it can be place in small cabinets if necessary.

EG400 topview + fiber Tray

Modular build approach (SFP and CATV)

What makes the EG unique, is that it has a modular build approach. If you as operator want to include for example CATV or the FiberTray, this can easily be done, without changing the hardware.

So, if you as operator are deploying in different scenarios, you can deploy the same EG device. Resulting in reduced training and logistical costs.

Illustration Product EG Series

The final application

The EG Series is the prefect high-end residential gateway for every scenario. It has the FiberTray option for fiber termination or CATV for television. Repeat or extend the WiFi connectivity of your end-user by connecting the EG with the Pulse. The EG can also be perfectly managed by our CloudSight management platform.

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Our EG Series meets the EU requirements of the Radio Equipment Directive (RED)