Looking for a unique fiber connectivity solution that can be connected by the end user, eliminates installer costs, and is compact enough (110 x 110 x 46 mm) to be located anywhere in the home? Our FiberTwist product range could be the only connectivity solution you need.

FiberTwist – Fiber Termination Unit
See below how we provide maximum flexibility and easy installation:

FiberTwist – Network Termination Unit
See below how we cover all deployment scenarios with true do-it-yourself:

Maximum Flexibility

FiberTwist supports both point-to-point and GPON network architectures, giving you superior network flexibility.


Total control

With the option for full-blown FTU or a direct fiber patch solution, FiberTwist is well suited for different deployment models.


One-twist installation

FiberTwist’s foolproof, patented click-on interface means no costly, time-consuming installation visits. Ideal for those big project rollouts.


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