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05 March 2024 | Blog

How customers can set a robust security path together with Genexis

With increasing frequency, we hear about security breaches ranging from essential infrastructure networks such as communication services, data centers, communities, businesses, and homes, impacting all of us. Our security article series highlights some of the critical measures Genexis has undertaken to support customers in digital security’s complicated and multifaceted dimensions and how we protect our products and services.


Align with European Cybersecurity Legislation and future requirements

“We recommend that our customers are prepared for the Network and Information Security (NIS)2 Directive, a key EU legislative initiative which comes into effect by October 17, 2024. It is expected to significantly affect the broadband industry, service providers, suppliers, and customers,” says Maarten Bodlaender, Chief Information Security Officer at Genexis.

Maarten outlines the NIS2 and what is required from our industry moving forward. Read the article here

Nis2 directive

In parallel with NIS2 requirements, customers should prepare for the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA), which will be reinforced approximately three years from now. The CRA will establish mandatory requirements on the security of digital products, services, and processes over their entire lifecycle. Since product lifecycles are typically longer than three years, combining NIS2 requirements with preparations for the upcoming CRA is a proactive approach to building security resilience.

“At Genexis, we’re strategically aligning our Information Security Management System (ISMS) policies with both the NIS2 and CRA directives, showcasing our commitment to cybersecurity. And we are not just preparing ourselves for this enhanced cybersecurity legislation; we’re setting a path for our customers. By sharing our insights and experiences, we aim to assist our customers in adapting to these new legislations and upcoming requirements,” continues Maarten.


Build resilient security incident response

“One way to prevent and manage security vulnerabilities is to develop a strong incident response process with early detection and clear steps and communication on how to deal with a security breach,” says Per Hellsten, Product Manager at Genexis.

His recent article shares our processes and guardrails to detect and effectively handle incidents.

“Genexis’ overarching ISMS covers both IT and product security policy. By including products in the ISMS scope, we are prepared for NIS2 and the CRA. ISMS also follows ISO 27001 standards and customer requirements. Our cross-functional security team is set up to proactively protect, detect, and respond to security issues, provide support, and advise our customers in responding to incidents,” explains Per.


Take control and protect complex in-home networks

Another security dimension to consider is protecting home networks. Under NIS2, Genexis customers are classified as “essential entities.” Adopting proportionate technical, operational, and organizational measures to manage cybersecurity risks is required. This also applies to safeguarding in-home networks.

“Because home networks become more complicated, managing and protecting them from security breaches or identifying unauthorized devices are prerequisites to having a robust in-home network,” describes Patrick Bongaerts, Product Line Manager for remote management solutions at Genexis.

In-home network security womanIn a recent article, Patrick explains why having a unified view of in-home networks with the Genexis cloud management platform CloudSight can help service providers safeguard devices and protect end users from unwanted incidents.

“With CloudSight, high-level security is built-in and provides a safe and sustainable network environment with features including managing device identity, remote provisioning, encryption, security APIs, and extended detection and response. CloudSight also enables monitoring the network’s health, performance, and topology, which are essential from a security perspective,” explains Patrick.


Security is our top priority

At Genexis, our approach is that security is a main priority and we are committed to supporting customers with their cybersecurity roadmap. By delivering timely security patches over our products and services’ entire lifecycle and providing security advice, we help customers deal with major vulnerabilities. We supply a platform for coordinated vulnerability disclosure, make supplier cybersecurity compliance reports and further security documentation of products and services available on request. We align practices to support our customers’ risk management and incident response processes. With CloudSight, customers can streamline in-home networks and protect them from security breaches.

Overall, preventative and proactive security measures are essential and together with customers, Genexis contributes to a secure and resilient European broadband industry.