Management Solutions

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Management Solutions

Deploying fiber solutions with residential gateways is our core business and something we are good at. But we also know that there is more to fiber connection than just products, there is also software and a management platform that brings it all together. With our own developed software; GeneXOS and management platform; CloudSight, you can provide an excellent wireless connectivity to your customers.

The four key ingredients to our Management Solutions

Easy to manage your deployed devices 

More and more households are being connected to your network every day. This makes it for you, as a service provider, more complex to manage all these devices in your network.
For example, to get a good overview, update the software, or change the configuration of all or a subset of your deployed devices is a time-consuming challenge.
With our CloudSight management solution, connected devices that belong to the same home are automatically grouped and presented in a single view.

Based on open industry standards, CloudSight enables you to remotely upgrade your deployed devices or change the configuration all at once.

Reducing duration and amount of help desk calls

What every service provider wants is to increase operational efficiency and decrease operational costs. With the real-time data collection and analytics of CloudSight, and the ability to present this data in a clear overview, support can be made more efficient. CloudSight even provides clear instructions on how to remedy the situation, reducing the duration of the calls.

Support calls can be proactive and shortened, resulting in reduced operational costs and increasing customer loyalty.

Proactive problem solving

Another great way to increase customer satisfaction is solving a problem before the end-user experiences the problem. The monitoring capabilities of CloudSight provide in-depth information about the status of your connected devices in the home. With this information service providers can better analyze and correct potential problems, without the end-user even knowing.

This will decrease operational costs and increase customer satisfaction, as potential WiFi problems are solved beforehand.

Analytics for optimal connectivity in-home 

The difficult matter with WiFi is that everybody expects it to work, end-users only experience irritations when it does not work. Meaning an optimal connection in the home is key.
The analytics function of CloudSight provides clear and historical insights into where problems occur in the home network, making it easy for service providers to further optimize their network.

End-users can also optimize their own connectivity with our self-care application. It allows the end-users to easily see and analyze their home network. If the end-user wants, they can easily change basic configurations like access to guest network via the mobile app.

CloudSight management

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