A Connected Home

The complete fiber-to-the-home solution

Completely Connected Home

As network operator or service provider, you want to provide your end-users with a high-quality fiber broadband connection everywhere in the home. This requires more than a single product, it requires a complete fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) solution from start to finish, including fiber and network demarcation, wired and wireless residential gateways and network management.
At Genexis, we make fiber-to-the-home easy by creating these solutions together with you.

The four key ingredients to create A Connected Home

Covering all deployment scenarios

No matter whether you are looking for Point-to-Point, GPON, XGS-PON, or an optical fiber patch through product, our product portfolio can do it all.
Deploying in a mixed network setup or thinking about transitioning between deployment scenarios? Interested in additional functions such as FXS or CATV? Do you have a 1 or 2-fiber network? Or are you considering adding routing functionality to the network termination unit (NTU)?

We can help you overcome these challenges, together with our products, as we cover it all.

Fast and stable WiFi everywhere in the home

After fiber deployment it is time to connect the rest of the home with an excellent WiFi experience. Our product portfolio includes residential gateways and extenders & repeaters, as well as a 3-in-1 device that can do it all. For maximum reach, multiple devices can be combined to create the ultimate mesh experience.

In order to achieve this perfect connection, device placement is critical. Our sleek, stylish and compact designs invite end-users to place our products in view instead of hiding them far away to avoid ruining their home decoration.

Seamlessly connected

Simply deploying individual products is not enough for the end-user to experience the completely connected home. These products need to interact with each other and the network to create a true end-to-end solution.

Combining features like zero touch pairing with our own flexible software, and advanced device & home management, we create an environment where all products are perfectly aligned with each other. This perfect alignment leads to, what we call, seamless connectivity.

Open and interoperable with third parties

Besides the seamless connectivity between Genexis products, it is also of great importance to be completely interoperable with third-party products or OLTs. For our ONTs, we have tested and deployed them with an extensive list of OLT vendors in the field. With our open software supporting industry standards, such as TR-x69, we ensure complete connection with third-party products.

When deploying with Genexis you do not need to worry if our products fit your deployment scenario or if you provide your end-user with hard to connect products. Our products are open and completely interoperable with third parties.

Your network in the homeĀ 

An example of deploying your network with Genexis products.

Terminate the fiber with the FiberTwist P2410. Connect the Pure as high performance router to create a strong WiFi signal and extend or repeat this signal with the Pulse to really connect your complete home. Easily manage these devices with our management platform CloudSight!

Photo connected home

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