Our solutions

We know that before you actually reach the point of deploying fiber, a lot of complex decisions need to be made with each of them impacting the business case. One of the most important, of course, is the realisation of the in-home fiber connection.

Apart from the crucial network topology decision (GPON/PtP), you also have to deal with multiple deployment scenarios, covering both apartment blocks and single houses. And how do you predict where the fiber enters the home?

Basement, metering cabinet, or living room? All are viable possibilities, which directly impact installation time, space and cost. So how can our Smart Fiber Deployment solutions help?

What our solutions provide

  • Compact, well-designed products that fit any home location
  • Easy to install, both for the provider and the end-user, reducing installation time and cutting costs, making fiber installation a painless process
  • Open fiber interfaces, enabling both direct click-on of the gateway and patch to a stand-alone RG
  • Independent of access technology, we provide both PtP and GPON solutions