Our solutions

FTTH networks are becoming increasingly complex. Not only do you have to manage service delivery to end-users, but increasingly popular open networks mean end-users can even choose from different service providers.

The result? You need to ensure that both Layer 2 and Layer 3 equipment in the home have different settings, depending on the individual services the end-user has subscribed to.

The answer? Our Network Management solution lets you manage different settings for each individual device simply and easily, ensuring you can guarantee quality of service, while minimising your operational costs.

What our solutions provide

  • An in-house developed solution that is scalable and designed for networks that begin small but have growth ambitions (GAPS)
  • Market compliant solutions, such as TR-069, CLI and DHCP/TFTP
  • Support across our complete product portfolio
  • Maximum flexibility in both your deployment strategy and continued service integration as you grow
  • The ability to manage, monitor and operate your network in the most cost-efficient way at all stages of your network deployment