Our solutions

We recognise that increasing the fiber take-up rate is one of the key challenges you face in lowering the barrier for fiber investment. As well as brute speed, fiber needs more attractive, standout features to compete against traditional broadband technologies.

The question is, how do you make very technical products sound both appealing and clear to end users? The look and feel of in-home fiber equipment and the way it’s marketed, can play an important role in taking on this challenge. Which is where we come in.

What our solutions provide

  • Eye-catching, attractive, compact and high quality designs, enabling you to sell a tangible product instead of a subscription
  • Do-it-yourself installation, making it simple and easy for end-users
  • Simplified user interfaces (GUI, apps)
  • Attractive packaging and manuals
  • End-user marketing services (website, local events, sales channels)
  • The result: higher take-up rate, lower services calls, lower churn