XG Series

Connecting homes to fiber


The robust fiber termination unit that benefits everyone. The robust design of the XG series and additional possibilities allows it to be deployed in almost any environment, such as 1G Point-to-Point as well as next generation 10G Point-to-Point and XGS-PON. Making it the perfect high-performance layer 2 device for every home.


Always fits

Thanks to its flexibility and modular building possibilities, the XG is a very suitable and scalable network termination device an operator needs when deploying in different scenarios.

XG Topview

Flexible in every way

The XG is designed to fit in multiple deployment scenarios for 1G Point-to-Point, 10G Point-to-Point and XGS-PON. It has flexible choice of WAN port (SFP or RJ45), 4 LAN ports and an extra LAN port when using SFP, it can be deployed stand-alone or with a FiberTray combination, and even with CATV if needed.

In other words, when deploying over multiple homes with multiple installers in different scenarios, the XG is the ideal match, since it fits everywhere.


Modular building possibilities (CATV and SFP)

The XG is designed and developed to ensure its maximum flexibility, resulting in a modular building design of the XG Series. Meaning that different features can be added that are needed for your deployment, such as fiber termination, CATV, SFP or RJ45, while still maintaining the same form factor.

In other words, create the XG device that fits your deployment scenario.

XG Fibertray + cover

Easy to install FiberTray

The XG Series can be deployed in a stand-alone form or with a FiberTray. The FiberTray allows installers to easily manage excessive fiber and install the XG wherever. In addition, the FiberTray is backwards compatible with all previous XG products.

The robust design of the FiberTray specifically designed so that your created XG fits perfectly, allowing it to be installed in every environment.

XG + FiberTray connected

Backwards compatible

The XG is specifically designed to fit XG FiberTray anywhere and anytime. Therefore, the XG always fits on previously installed FiberTrays.

Meaning that as an operator you do not need to worry what to do with already installed FiberTrays. Thanks to its design, simply slide the (new) XG on the existing FiberTray and the end user can continue enjoy their connection.

Illustration Product XG

The final application

The XG, in combination with the FiberTray or not, is the perfect way to connect a home to fiber. For full home coverage, the Pure or the Pulse in combination with CloudSight integrate seamlessly with the XG. More specifically, the Pure to create a perfect WiFi network, and the Pulse to extend or repeat the WiFi.

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Our XG Series meets the EU requirements of the Radio Equipment Directive (RED)