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Versatile multiport gateway

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After a home is connected to fiber, the gateway takes over to distribute that fiber connectivity throughout the home. End-users have increasing expectations from their gateways as connection speeds are getting higher, more home applications are becoming smart and data-intensive devices require cabled connectivity options. Overall, end-users expect quality of service: all network equipment must work perfectly all the time.

To realize this, Genexis introduces the Pure E600 supporting Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi EasyMesh™, turning that fiber connection into a real fiber experience.

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Wall mount or desktop placement

End-users do not always have the option to choose where they place their router to ensure the perfect signal strength.

The slim design of the Pure and its possibility to be deployed standing on a desktop or mounted on a wall or in a metering cabinet, ensures that end-users can place it virtually everywhere in their homes. To always guarantee the best internet quality.

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Powerful network up to 5400 Mbps

The new Pure E600 is a powerful Wi-Fi 6 gateway supporting the Wi-Fi EasyMeshTM standard. This means it creates one single network in the home, automatically synchronizing WiFi credentials such as network ID’s and passwords. Its dual band concurrent 2+4 antennas allow for network speeds up to 5400 Mbps. The Pure also comes in a Wi-Fi 5 variant.

No matter the needs of the end-user, whether it is Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6, the Pure Series allows you to provide them with a powerful gateway.

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Easily expand the network

When creating a WiFi signal in the home, end-users do not always have a choice where they place their residential gateway to ensure a perfect signal. Therefore, it is important that the residential gateway can be placed everywhere without ruining the decoration.

The stylish design of the Pure and its possibility to be deployed stand alone or with a wall mount option, ensures that your customers can place it everywhere in home.

Supreme cabled connectivity

More and more devices require cabled connectivity as they demand a high internet speeds and stability. The Pure Series is equipped with no less than four LAN ports, ensuring end-users can connect their gaming console, an 8K ULTRA HD television and extenders to their network.

Besides, many people still use phones or faxes connected to landlines to interact with each other. Therefore, the Pure Series is also equipped with two voice ports. This allows it to be used in multiple deployment scenarios; always providing the supreme cabled connectivity for your end-users.

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Easy to manage via CloudSight

The beauty is that after installation, the Pure Series can be remotely provisioned, managed, and optimized by our management solution CloudSight. With CloudSight you can prevent network problems proactively instead of waiting for helpdesk calls. This enables easier and more efficient network operations and optimizes the fiber experience for your end-users.

The Pure Series is built on open standards such as TR-069, TR-369 and TR-181. So you can also manage it using such standardized management solutions. This means no vendor-lock in, but a completely open access model.

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The final application

The Pure series can seamlessly connect with other Genexis products, such as the FiberTwist. To extend or repeat the WIFI, it can easily be connected with the Pulse to ensure quality WIFI everywhere. Of course, the Pure also connects to any other gateway

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Our Pure series meets the EU requirements of the Radio Equipment Directive (RED)