Pure Series

Full speed, seamless connectivity

Pure 1000x1000

Being the heart of the home network, the Pure series residential gateway cooperates seamlessly with other wireless network devices, making sure that the end-user can connect to the internet anywhere and anytime.

Pure 1000x1000

Where WiFi starts

Its high performance WiFi, stylish design and Zero Touch Pairing ensure that the Pure delivers your customer quality WiFi without any struggle.

High performance WiFi

The Pure does what is does best, providing WiFi throughout the house. Thanks to its 4×4 5 GHz and 3×3 2.4 GHz dual-band concurrent WiFi, and its router accelerator for both WiFi and 4 managed Gigabit ethernet ports, quality WiFi is ensured.

The Pure series is a high-speed device for both DSL networks as fiber networks, making it a quality solution for all homes.

Pure Standing Front

Stylish standing design and wall mount option

When creating a WiFi signal in the home, end-users do not always have a choice where they place their residential gateway to ensure a perfect signal. Therefore, it is important that the residential gateway can be placed everywhere without ruining the decoration.

The stylish design of the Pure and its possibility to be deployed stand alone or with a wall mount option, ensures that your customers can place it everywhere in home.

Icon ZeroTouchPairing

Zero Touch Pairing

The Zero Touch Pairing has been designed, to simplify installation, configuration and security with the Genexis Pulse for the end-user

When connecting the Pure with the Pulse, they both will automatically configure with the router WiFi credentials. When updated or changed, these will automatically be configured with the Pure. All resulting in a better WiFi experience for your customer.

Logo GenXOS

Runs on GenXOS software

GenXOS is our own enterprise software using the best parts from OpenWRT. As a service provider you benefit greatly as it uses the best parts of OpenWRT and also able to add modules based on OpenWRT independently at the same time.

With GenXOS the Pure can be connected to CloudSight, making life of the service provider easier while supporting WiFi analytics and self-help via a mobile app as well.

Illustration Product Pure

The final application

The Pure series can seamlessly connect with other Genexis products, such as the FiberTwist. To extend or repeat the WIFI, it can easily be connected with the Pulse to ensure quality WIFI everywhere. Of course, the Pure also connects to any other gateway

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Interested in the Pure? Contact us and together we will see how the Pure fits in your network!

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Our Pure seriesĀ meets the EU requirements of the Radio Equipment Directive (RED)