Pulse is a 4×4 In-Home WiFi extender/repeater with outstanding WiFi performance, improving coverage throughout the home. It seamlessly integrates with any router at home, paving the way for enjoying wireless connectivity where it truly matters.

’Visibly Invisible’

Being able to connect with the world with any device, at any time, from any place in your home is important. At the same time, the devices that make this 24/7 connectivity happen should ‘blend in’ your home nicely. With its small size and contemporary design, the Pulse has you covered. The placement options for Pulse are nearly endless. Mount the Pulse on a wall or place it nicely on a desk: the choice is yours.


Install with ease

Pulse combines a minimal form factor with maximum ease of installation. It can seamlessly be integrated into a home when using any router, such as the Genexis Platinum-Series or the FiberTwist P3000-Series.


MU-MIMO support

MU-MIMO enables communication of multiple devices with the Pulse at the same time. This not only makes the In-Home network faster, with devices having to wait less long for input, it also helps to increase the capacity and efficiency of the Pulse.


Band steering

Pulse helps end-users to select the right frequency (2.4GHz or 5GHz) to make sure that devices (with dual-band technology) are always connected to the fastest possible wireless frequency.

Service provider benefits

Within the network of service providers, Pulse devices can be monitored via TR-069 protocols, making it easy to help the end-user simplify and improve the WiFi experience at home.


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