Meet our Next Generation WiFi solutions

Genexis introduces next generation WiFi, combining reach, speed and ease of use for you and your subscribers.
Our next generation WiFi is available in the new 7000 series of the DRG and Platinum product lines.

Better reach. Stable connection. Easy management.

Better reach
Stable connection
Easy management

Our WiFi specifics

The 7000 series has dual concurrent WiFi. Its innovative internal antenna design makes this solution optimal for both desktop and wall-mount positioning. And the development of a beam-forming feature benefits outlying WiFi clients – specifically single antenna devices like smartphones.

Wireless Comfort.

The Genexis Next Generation WiFi solution provides super fast and stable 3×3 11ac WiFi and modern voice and multimedia features. Designed to make your fiber connection reach its full potential.

Meet future Expectations.

The 7000 series is designed for real world usage, measuring real world throughput. This results in future proof design that enables throughput for tomorrow’s users. It also takes cost and size into account, right from the beginning.

GeneOS – designed to serve end users

The 7000 series runs on Genexis’ GeneOS.

We understand what it takes to make an Operating System truly user friendly. That is why we have built ours from scratch, with end users in the lead.

Straightforward User Interface

GeneOS User Interface is designed to serve your subscribers. Its management structure and user interface are straightforward and intuitive; end users can manage their device all by themselves without needing your support. And as the design is responsive, GeneOS is accessible from every desktop or mobile device.


  • Secure. As always.

    GeneOS’s upgraded CLI management provides a Command Line Interface that can be accessed via Secure Shell (SSH), allowing efficient configuration and troubleshooting. Configuration that is pushed by any provisioning method can be read, configured and analysed via CLI.

  • Fits every deployment scenario

    GeneOS is available for both Layer 2 and Layer 3 deployment scenarios. This makes GeneOS the perfect Operating System for every deployment scenario; all-in-one as well as 2-box solutions.

  • Pick your management system

    GeneOS is built to support all industry standard management systems, specifically TR-069. But we know it is not always the standard that you are looking for. That is why GAPS (Genexis Automated Provisioning System) and DHCP/TFTP/HTTPS provisioning are fully supported as well. Even a combination of network management systems is no hassle for GeneOS. It simply enables easy and straightforward management, decreasing deployment timeline and staff training.

Network management - the choice is yours.

The 7000 series are compatible with both industry standard network management systems and our own network management system GAPS (Genexis Automatic Provisioning System).

  • GAPS – seamless service

    Configuring and managing these next-gen WiFi solutions is vital if you want to deliver a seamless, high-quality service to your subscribers. And combining our next-gen WiFi solutions with GAPS is as seamless as it gets. The system and our next-gen WiFi solutions are developed to support each other, making it easier to perform firmware upgrades, monitor your network, or configure specific service features.

  • Security ensured

    GAPS uses the new and secure TLS-based protocol, making the connection between you and your devices in the field utmost reliable by message authentication code, preventing undetected loss or alternation of your data during transmission.
    And the use of the light-weight JSON-RPC remote procedure call protocol keeps your data connection simple but powerful.

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