The Genexis Media Converter provides fiber optic bandwidth and link distance advantages for Point-to-Point Ethernet networks with minimum upgrade costs.

Form Factors

It is 1 product, but it comes in 3 different form factors to fit on the multiple ground plates that are deployed in the field. The housing is made from at least 95% recycled plastics.


Dual speed WAN port

The Genexis Media Converter supports up 100 and 1000Mbit/s speeds on the fiber WAN port. This functionality provides a low-cost integration option for migrating from conventional 100 Mbit/s networks to a high performance Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) solution.


No configuration needed

Since all packets that enter the fiber port are transmitted transparently to the user port and vice verse, the Genexis Media Converter needs no configuration. Due to its full layer 2 functionality, the Genexis Media Converter is fully transparent to all layer 3-7 network protocols. It works seamlessly together with the IP-protocol (IPv4 and IPv6) and features such as VLAN/QoS, VPN, IP ToS and DHCP.


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