Genexis EasyWiFi App

Let end-users easily control their home network with an intuitive app

Nowadays, the in-home network becomes more and more important within a household. The increase in importance also increases the amount of the calls made to the helpdesk. However, many of these calls can easily be avoided if clear guidance is available. This guidance can be brought to the end-user via an easy to use app. An app allows end-users to manage their own in-home network without calling the operator or ISP. The Genexis EasyWiFi app offers the end-users control by providing onboarding and placement guidance and allowing them to manage the Wi-Fi network settings. All with an easy to use UI (user interface).

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Genexis EasyWiFi app

Let end-users easily control their home network

The Genexis EasyWiFi app is designed with focus on user interaction. Resulting in an easy to use app for all end-users; technical and non-technical.

Step-by-step onboarding

Installing routers or extenders is something that can be seen as ‘too complicated’ or ‘tricky’ by the end-user. However, with a step-by-step onboarding, this can be changed and this also decreases installer visits.

Dashboard home network 

End-users have the possibility to easily see their status of their in-home network and see which device might be the issue if problems occur.

Placement guidance 

Getting complaints about a bad Wi-Fi experience from end-users? Make sure the end-user gets the full Wi-Fi experience in its home with the placement guidance within the app. The app will guide the end-user to the best spot to place the extender to obtain the best Wi-Fi coverage within the home.

Wi-Fi network settings 

Let the end-user easily change their WiFi credentials to their liking and give them the opportunity to share their WiFi credentials fast with their family and friends. This contributes to a great customer experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the Genexis EasyWiFi app?

The Genexis EasyWiFi app is designed focussing on the ease of use specially for the end-user. This means, that instead of creating the app based on a technology, we started with the end- user. What does the end-user need and how can we make this easy? Then we created the technology to support this.

For which devices is the Genexis EasyWiFi app available?

Disclaimer: The app does not work with third-party gateways at this moment.

For which iOS/Android versions is the Genexis EasyWiFi app available?
  • From iOS 13 and newer
  • From Android 7 and newer
How do you handle data privacy in the Genexis EasyWiFi app?

”Our processes are fully compatible with data privacy regulations in every territory where we operate”

  • The app only stores the needed information to connect to the Wi-Fi network.
  • This information will not be shared with third parties

Check our full privacy policy here.