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CloudSight Cloud based management

Nowadays more and more devices are connected to a network, making it harder and harder to manage al these devices in a correct and easy manner. Our CloudSight management solution is the next generation management platform that helps you deliver the best service, support and management for your entire network.

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Management is important

With CloudSight, new and existing networks can easily be managed, resulting in faster roll-out, less overhead costs and increased customer loyalty. 

CloudSight Provisioning

Provisioning and device management

As more networks are enrolled and more devices are connected to a single network, it becomes harder to manage this in a clear and effective manner. With CloudSight, operators can easily manage the deployed network devices. The platform provides the ultimate flexibility to provision devices while providing tools that allow the support to make easy configuration changes per home.

No matter how many devices there are connected, CloudSight presents them in a clear and simple manner for you as service provider or operator.

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Real-time insights

When end-users call the support team regarding bad WiFi, their explanation is vague and the only thing they want is a quick solution. In order to help the end-users as fast as possible, the more accurate the data, the better. Based on real-time information, CloudSight provides the support team a quick overview of alarms and auto detection of ongoing problems.

Thanks to this real-time information, support employees can easily spot and solve the problem, resulting in lower support time per customer, better problem solving and less truck rolls or installer visits. All leading to improving the total cost of ownership.

Cloudsight troubleshooting

Pro-active troubleshooting

Regarding WiFi there is nothing worse than connectivity problems, as end-users are unsatisfied and, again, start calling the help desk or maybe even switch provider. What better way is there to help the end-user then fixing the problem before it actually occurs? Thanks to the pro-active troubleshooting functionality of CloudSight, this is possible.

Based in historical data and big data analysis, many problems are detected, identified and solved before the end-users even know what happened. This way, end-users can continue to do what they do best: stay online!

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Easy integratable with OSS/BSS

Besides managing your network, CloudSight also has the possibility to automate your customer management flow. Processes as billing and customer information are already available in your OSS/BSS systems, but with CloudSight you can extend this customer management flow with provisioning and support.

This all resulting in less overhead costs and less man-hours when connecting your network with CloudSight.

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The final application

The CloudSight management platform is applicable on Genexis products from complete insights. It is also applicable on third-party products that support TR-069.

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