CATV module with low pass RF filter

CATV 223

Inteno CATV-223 is a compact CATV module with monitoring functions and RF on/off switch.

CATV-223 provides a SC/APC receptacle connector for fiber input and both F-connector and IEC-connector for RF output signal. CATV-223 has two built in low pass RF filters, enabling up to three RF bands. Designed for integration in the Inteno FG500 FTTH RGW.

Key features

  • 47MHz~1000MHz bandwidth
  • F-female and PAL connector and for CATV RF output
  • High RF output level
  • 10dB RF output attenuation over PAL connector
  • Low pass RF filter included
  • AGC supported
  • Optical input power monitoring
  • RF output level monitoring