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09 September 2021 | News

Official launch of 'More than Mesh'

More than Mesh

On 9 September 2021 Genexis celebrated the launch of our More than Mesh concept. During this event we discussed our realization of the true importance of being connected to the internet. Not just the connection itself, but also the strength, stability and reach of the internet connection in the home.

Watch the recording of our “More than Mesh” celebration:

Although it is a necessity, internet connection is not always the easiest thing to achieve. WiFi can be complex and thus much like in a jungle, to survive you must be able to adapt based on circumstances and blend in when needed.

That’s where the Pulse comes in, our latest WiFi 6 solution supporting the Wi-Fi EasyMeshTM standards. The Pulse allows you to navigate through the WiFi jungle’s unpredictable environment by providing insights and flexibility. Along with these features, the Pulse can do much more to help you steer your way through the jungle.

If you would like to find out what makes the Pulse “More than Mesh” feel free to click on the link below to visit our solutions page!

Studio Pulse ex600 Router