25 October 2023 | Blog

Leverage true PON interoperability with TrueTalk

To meet the evolving Fiber-to-the-Home technologies such as Passive Optical Network (PON) and increasing vendor options, interoperability (interop) between Optical Line Terminal (OLTs) and Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) is essential. Here’s how our innovative auto-sensing software, TrueTalkTM, ensures seamless OLT and ONT interop and speeds up FTTH installations.

Managing diverse PON deployment scenarios and optimizing vendor choices

In our previous article, we described the importance for FTTH operators to understand the impact of moving from cable or Point-to-Point technologies to PON and the anticipated dominance of 10G PON ONTs in 2024. With more OLT vendors, interop with ONTs must be managed cost-effectively. Genexis’ widely deployed PON ONTs, including FiberTwist, are OLT agnostic and embedded with TrueTalk, which resolves challenging interop issues.

Benefits of TrueTalkTM PON autosensing

While ONT Management and Control Interface (OMCI) is the generic language in PON communication, each OLT has developed its own “dialect.” TrueTalk is the “PON dictionary” that automatically recognizes the correct dialect. It is an auto-sensing software available on all Genexis PON products, automatically detecting the OLT vendor and line card. It adapts to the specific OLT accordingly and ensures successful OLT-ONT interop in any PON network. Network operators, Internet Service Providers, and installers can take advantage of TrueTalk’s benefits, including:

Ensures interoperability: Via our single autosensing software, any Genexis PON ONT automatically detects and connects to all the different OLTs in your network.

Offers maximum flexibility with no vendor lock-in: By deploying an independent ONT embedded with TrueTalkTM, there is more freedom to select mixed OLTs and line cards, now or in the future.

Supports broad PON portfolio and network upgrades: A single software manages current and future products and upgrades.

Streamlines installations: Reduce installation times because matching the OLT brand with the ONT is no longer required. A single ONT is all that’s needed in your trucks.

Proven PON interop

Based on OLT agnostic capabilities via TrueTalk, XGS-PON ONTs supplied by Genexis are the second most sold and installed in Europe.

Genexis is a leading expert in PON interop and has deployment experience since 2013. With our own in-house PON labs and interop teams, our experts offer BBF.247 compliance and end-to-end testing capabilities via enhanced equipment. TrueTalk is already deployed in over 100 networks with over ten major OLT vendors active in Europe and North America.

By meeting the requirements of operators and service providers and providing full support, we enable successful independent interop for efficient network operation and high-quality broadband access solutions.

Interop is a key priority when transitioning to PON and mixing OLT and ONT vendors. Genexis’ agonistic ONTs using TrueTalk resolve this major industry challenge.

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