09 June 2022 | News

Genexis received the BBF.247 certification for XGS-PON

We are proud to announce that the XGS-PON version of the FiberTwist is now officially certified by the Broadband Form (BBF). More specifically, the FiberTwist XGS2110x has received the BBF.247 certification.

As a company that stands for openness and independent interoperability, this an important step in achieving complete interoperability.

What is the BBF.247 certification?

The BBF.247 is an Optical Network Termination (ONT) conformance test plan, with a focus on ONT configuration (OMCI) and QoS. It aims to ensure the ONTs maturity and compliance to the market & operators requirements. It paves the way to integration and interoperability (interop).

When an ONT is BBF.247 certified, it means that it passed a specific profile for the TP-247 test plan. Focusing on testing the OMCI data model; how to configure traffic (e.g., up- and downstream and expected ethernet frames) and how to configure Quality of Service (QoS). It also tests the conformance to TR-156 and TR-280 using OMCI as defined in the ITU G.988, which are the most critical standards to interoperable implementations.


Why is this important?

The BBF.247 certification helps with the ease of interoperability with the different OLTs in the field. Most OLTs are compliant with TR-255, which requires the OLT to work with an ONT that uses TR-247. This means that a BBF.247 certified ONT that passed the TR-247 test plan, should be interoperable with TR-255.

The BBF.247 certification therefore proves that our FiberTwist XGS-PON ONTs meet a very high level of interoperability and a high level of performance. A level set by the test plan of the Broadband Form. For the operators and service providers, this means that it increases the chances of a plug-and-play interop with the different OLTs in the field. At the same time, a full working interop is still not guaranteed by the BBF.247 certification. To achieve a full working interop, Genexis further supports its customers with its independent PON interop program and its long standing PON expertise.


Free modem choice

Several countries (e.g., Germany, Finland, Italy, Austria, and The Netherlands) have chosen or are considering the Network Termination Point decoupling before the fiber modem. In other words, the end-user can choose its own PON ONT. By advising your end-users to choose devices that are BBF.247 certified, you will less likely face interoperability issues.


Full end-to-end PON interop with Genexis

As stated earlier, in theory the BBF.247 provides an immediate interop. The BBF.247 paves the way to interoperability, however it does not ensure a working interop straight away. Depending on the network configurations and the OLT, still some end-to-end solutions need to be provided to achieve a full working interop.

To reach this full end-to-end interop, Genexis has its own PON interop team, equipped with an own lab hosting all main OLTs to complete each individual interop between the ONT and OLT. This is done with our software called ‘InterOS’, which is currently maintaining interop in 100+ networks all over the world.


To summarize…

… the BBF.247 is a high standard set by the Broadband Forum to ensure a working interop. Although it makes life easier, it sometimes still requires interop fixes to achieve a complete interop for a specific network configuration. This is where InterOS completes the interop. Allowing more complex deployments, dealing with mixed OLTs in a single network, and with less operational technicalities. Any risks to change PON ONTs in the field once you would decide for a different OLT vendor are therewith minimized.


All BBF.247 products

Click on the link below to see the full list of BBF.247 certified products, including the Genexis products

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