Genexis Nominated for Three Innovation Awards by FTTH Council Europe
16 February 2024 | News

Genexis Nominated for Three Innovation Awards by FTTH Council Europe

Genexis, has been nominated for three prestigious innovation awards by the FTTH Council Europe. These nominations recognize Genexis’s commitment to revolutionizing the broadband industry with cutting-edge products and solutions.

The nominations highlight Genexis’ dedication to simplifying FTTH installations, enhancing operator connectivity, and empowering service providers to deliver exceptional user experiences. Here’s a glimpse into the nominated innovations:

  1. FiberTwist Bracket 2 Passive Infrastructure: FiberTwist Bracket-2-DIY The FiberTwist Bracket-2-DIY simplifies FTTH installations by minimizing installer visits, particularly in brownfield settings. Its innovative mounting plate enables faster installation, offering end-users a 100% DIY solution and reducing installer visits. This product not only prioritizes greenfield projects but also challenges the necessity of home entry for brownfield installations.
  2. Active Infrastructure – Central Network: Genexis TrueTalk (PON autosensing software)TrueTalk streamlines operator and ISP connectivity across multiple OLTs, reducing costs and risks during technology migration. Its autosensing capability ensures seamless interoperability in any network, allowing operators to mix OLT brands while avoiding vendor lock-in. Genexis XGS-PON ONTs, leveraging TrueTalk, have already been deployed in over 150 networks across Europe.
  3. iowrt insideActive Infrastructure – Home Network: IOWRT SDK 7.3 The IOWRT SDK empowers Service Providers to decouple RGW (home router) software from hardware, enabling compatibility across different gateway processors. This innovation facilitates faster innovation by allowing providers to develop their software atop the IOWRT SDK, bypassing OEM dependencies. Release 7.3, featuring Wi-Fi 7 support, further enhances the capabilities of this groundbreaking solution.

Are you curious to know who will take home the award? Join us at the FTTH conference in Berlin to witness this momentous occasion!