23 February 2023 | News

Genexis Management Platform ‘CloudSight’ now supports USP

CloudSight supports the new Broadband Forum (BFF) management protocol TR-369, also known as Unified Services Platform (USP). As more devices are becoming smart and more are being connected to the internet, it is crucial that these devices are being managed. Crucial for customer service and customer experience.

To do this, the Broadband Forum developed USP, the successor of TR-069.

What is User Service Platform?

USP is an open-standard technology for managing home networks and delivering new services to end-users. Developed by the Broadband Forum, USP is designed to be simple, flexible, and scalable, providing a common interface for communication between different devices and technologies.

USP originates from the service provider’s need to efficiently and cost effectively deliver a better experience that meets or exceeds customer expectations. Pro-active management of the entire home network is critical for the customer’s experience.

What are the key benefits for Network Operators and Service Providers

USP is the doorway to the future as it allows operators to differentiate in their offering and provide the best possible WiFi experience. The differences of USP compared to TR-069 are real-time access to data and distributed architecture. These differences lead to the following key benefits:

Simplified network management
USP simplifies home network management by allowing remote monitoring thanks to real-time and historical data. Allowing the operator to proactively identify network issues and optimize the WiFi experience. This reduces the need for customer support and on-site visits. Leading to significant cost savings and improved efficiency for network operators and service providers.

Offer new and innovative services
With USP, network operators and service providers can offer new and innovative services to their customers, such as home automation, security, and monitoring. This without the need for custom development or integration with proprietary technologies.

Task automation
USP enables automation of common tasks, such as firmware updates, device configuration, and network optimization, further streamlining the management process.

Improve customer satisfaction
Another benefit of USP is its ability to improve the end-user experience. With USP, services can be delivered across multiple devices and technologies, providing customers with a consistent and seamless experience. This helps to increase the customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to increased revenue and profitability for network operators and service providers.

Customer self-help
The multi-controller architecture allows end-users to be part of the total solution. They can manager their own home network via mobile apps. Reducing the number of helpdesk calls and possible installer visits.

The power of USP in CloudSight 

In conclusion, USP is a powerful technology that provides significant benefits for network operators, service providers and end-users. Genexis connected home management tool, CloudSight, incorporates USP technology and provides an open, multi-vendor solution for network operators and service providers to assure quality and deliver new and innovative services to their customers. Allowing CloudSight components to co-exist with any ACS solution.

By adopting CloudSight and USP, network operators and service providers can stay ahead of the competition and provide their customers with the latest and greatest services.