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17th December, 2019
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Genexis introduces the new FiberTwist-FTU-1000 Series! The existing FiberTwist-FTU-100 Series already proved itself for many years as flexible and easy to install. It’s installed in high volumes throughout many European countries. The new FiberTwist-FTU-1000 Series supports even more use cases, which leads to a FiberTwist- FTU solution for almost every FTTH deployment scenario.

The FiberTwist-FTU-1000 Series mainly covers four additional use cases. 1) Supporting thicker, stiff fiber cables fed in directly from the wall in the back of the FTU, 2) Supporting an SC/PC (blue) patch-in option, 3) Allowing for a Dual-SC patch-out option, and 4) Allowing for a Quad-LC patch-out option (officially certified by the German Federal Broadband Competence Office). For more details, visit our website or contact your sales representatives!