02 February 2023 | News

Genexis further enhances commitment to sustainability

We are pleased to announce that as of 2023, Genexis has signed the Code of Conduct (CoC) on Energy Consumption of Broadband Equipment! This marks the new chapter for Genexis committing itself to abide by the European Commission’s guidelines on energy consumption from January 2023 onwards. It helps us further strengthen our sustainability practices and steers our future efforts toward a healthier environment.

Finding it our responsibility to care for the planet, we at Genexis take actions on environmental protection. And since our products consume power 24/7, we see a high relevance of this topic in achieving our sustainability goals. Additionally, the increase in energy costs in Europe calls for solutions to save on living expenses. We recognize this and are continuously seeking ways to better serve our customers and end-users.

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What is the Code of Conduct?

Due to a rapidly increasing demand for broadband in households, the electricity consumption of data transmission composes a considerable part of energy consumption in the European Community. The urgency of reducing environmental pollution requires up-to-date policies and strategies. Therefore, the CoC sets out the basic principles in respect of energy efficient equipment. The CoC is a voluntary commitment for individual companies. Meaning all parties involved in broadband equipment are invited to sign the CoC, with the goal of decreasing energy consumption without harming technological developments and services provided.

Why did we sign it?

As mentioned previously, sustainability is the key to the way we conduct business. We believe that people deserve fiber, and people deserve sustainability. As our products are always plugged in, one of the important improvements we could make is to limit their power consumption. The idea of CoC is consistent with our goals of sustainability as well as delivering end-users the ultimate broadband experience.

What happens next?

We are constantly working on improving our sustainability practices. Following the guidelines of the CoC, our newly developed products will comply with the set standards. By doing this, we see a bright future in continuously making the world a better place.

All CoC participants: 

Click on the link below to see the full list of CoC participants.