FTTH Workshops & Panel Recordings

On 15 & 16 September 2021 we at Genexis took part in several workshops and panel at the FTTH council virtual exhibition.

You can find all 3 recordings of these sessions below:

Workshop 2B - Bringing In-Home

The workshop will focus on “Assisting Communication Service Providers to avoid churn and to create revenue opportunities by means of enhanced user experience”, more specifically:

1. How to extend fibre performance to the end-device

2. How to manage the user experience 3. How to add value and monetize.

Workshop 2D - Effective scaling in exploding markets

We are now experiencing a few markets that are almost exploding in the rollout of FTTH networks, which both are thrilling and also offer a great deal of risk. The goal of this workshop is to present concrete examples and role models for how to scale up and meet the market demands, and simultaneously be selective when it comes to methods, solutions, and tools.

The three organizing companies together with the guesting companies cover together almost all sectors in the rollout and will give valuable insights, advice and examples for how to create a “factory” for an efficient rollout.

Even if many countries already have experienced high activities in the FTTH rollout, we can now see extremely high activities in a few big countries which makes this workshop relevant and valuable for many players in these markets.

Panel 3D- In-Home Broadband Excellence