Tom Bik

Product Marketing Manager

In our employee spotlight series, we invite different employees to share their stories. With a face-to-face interview, we provide you some insight about what their role is and how we work at Genexis.

This employee spotlight is with Tom Bik. Tom works as Product Marketing Manager in the Genexis Marketing Team. He has been working with Genexis since May 2020.

Employee Spotlight Tom Bik

How important is high speed broadband to you?

Very important of course because almost everything we do is done online or via some kind of connectivity. Especially with working from home, I noticed how important it is to be online and connected. It is also something that you do not want to worry about, we just want it to work.

I think fiber can play a very important role here, speeds are getting higher and more devices require connectivity. Also, once you are used to a certain speed, you can never go back to slower speeds.


What do you like most about working at Genexis?

What I like about working at Genexis are the short lines and the colleagues. As well as the international orientation within the company, one day, you can talk to 5 different countries. It is not only talking to, it is also visiting international tradeshows, offices and customers.


What do you like most about your job?

What I like most about my job as product marketing manager is the responsibility and diversity you get within the job. And actually seeing the impact of my work in the field or online. What I also like is, again, the international aspect of the job. Each market of course has similarities but also great differences in what they need.


Would you recommend others to come work at Genexis?

Yes, if you like a positive and hands-on international work environment with great colleagues. Then Genexis might be the company for you.