Mattia Porru

Product owner & Project Manager

In our employee spotlight series, we invite different employees to share their stories. With a face-to-face interview, we provide you some insight about what their role is and how we work at Genexis.

Today’s employee spotlight is with Mattia Porru. Mattia joined Genexis in August 2017. He started as a hardware engineer and in 2020 he changed to the role of project manager & product owner.

How and why did you make the change from your role in the hardware team to the PO team?

When I was a hardware engineer, I realized that I liked what our product owner at that time was doing in his role. So, when he left and the position needed to be filled again, I applied. And successfully I was appointed product owner for the hardware team. In the meantime, the role of the product owner changed a bit within the company, being integrated also with the one of project manager. And that has been a significant boost for my professional development. I am learning a lot and I am discovering sides of myself which were there, but unexploited.


You work in the Netherlands now, how did you get from sunny Italy to where you are now?

I was working in Rome, when a friend of mine informed me about a position at NXP (Philips Semiconductors) which he thought I was a good fit for. I sent my resume and I was hired. After the project at NXP was concluded, I realized that I didn’t have any reason to go back to Italy. I was feeling well here in The Netherlands. So I applied at Genexis and that is where I am now.


What do you like most about working at Genexis?

The work environment is healthy, people are nice and willing to help each other whenever is possible.


What do you like most about your job as product owner/project manager?

Among the several things that I do in my job, the most exciting are the fact that I communicate with a lot of different people with different roles and personalities. I learn a lot and I never get bored. And the fact that I spend a lot of time brainstorming solutions, together with my teammates, for all the challenges that we face, and this gives me positive energy.
I will always be an engineer, but in this job, there is a lot of yourself that you put in. Something like that is not taught in university, I discovered this when I changed my role.


Would you recommend others to come work at Genexis? And why?

If you are an energetic person who wants to experience several challenges, you are flexible to do “what needs to be done”, you dare to make mistakes and you want to feel a person and not just a number, Genexis is the right place.