Arild Westring

Managing Director Norway

In our employee spotlight series, we invite different employees to share their stories. With a face-to-face interview, we provide you some insight about what their role is and how we work at Genexis.

This employee spotlight is with Arild Westring. Arild’s current role is Managing Director at Genexis Norway AS. He joined Inteno Group in 2013, and has been working at Genexis since the merger.

Could you describe your job responsibilities?

I am leading a team of 7 people at Genexis’ office in Norway. 2 of them are situated in the Stockholm region, and the rest of us are in the greaterOslo area. Genexis Norway is a typical operating company, doing sales and account management for our Norwegian customers. Our team is sales-oriented which includes technical pre-sales support, making sure that our solutions are customized to fit customer needs. 

My main job responsibility is to ensure that we have a top skilled and motivated team, meeting or exceeding our target both quantitatively and qualitatively, such as in financial targets and customer satisfaction. 

What do you like most about your job?

I like the versatility. No two days are alike. While I enjoy always being close to our customers, I also get to work very closely with many of my very skilled and wonderful colleagues. Every day, I get to learn something new. Genexis is extremely customer-driven. By being so close to our market, we know what our customers want, and we can adapt swiftly to their needs.  

Through good communication and dialogue, I can also influence corporate decisions to benefit our key customers as well as our company


How would you describe the company culture?

I would say that the company culture atGenexis is interesting. Although it is a mix of different business cultures since we are part Nordic and part European, we have managed to form a cultural DNA built on engagement, curiosity, true passion, and respect. I think you either love it or you leave it. Personally, I really love it! 


What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t worry so much. If you always try to do your best, you will succeed. Life (and career) is a journey, and you can’t fully plan it in advance or ever go back.Always try to be kind and generous to everyone around you. And remember: Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet.