Job title
Network Engineer NL
Hours a week
40 hours a week
Genexis Netherlands
c/o Genexis B.V. | Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Technical Support

Your role within Genexis

You enjoy solving technical puzzles, taking on challenges and going on long debugging missions to get to the bottom of every issue. You can stay longer than most people with a single problem, in fact going all the way to the root cause to solve problems falls under your definition of fun. Besides being a tech detective, your other core responsibilities include providing both internal and external technical assistance; you are the reference for our sales force and the champion of our customers, making sure they have the best experience possible while integrating Genexis equipment in their network design.

Coupled with a philosophy of support-driven development, our Network Engineers are the “special operations forces of tech support”, often tackling the high-impact, high-complexity cases that affect the entire Genexis fleet of networking devices.

Your Experience & Skills

To be successful in this role you should have professional experience with Ethernet/IP networks or a strong desire to develop the necessary knowledge to work with them. You have excellent written and spoken English skills and are able to deal with situations which require higher level thinking. You have a customer-oriented attitude and are familiar with providing technical assistance and consultancy. You are a fast learner, analytically strong and not afraid of unknown territories. You thrive on collaborative teamwork and coworking with a multicultural distributed team sounds very exciting to you.

Ownership, dedication, and initiative are keywords in our team; in the end, we value the right attitude more than anything else. We believe in the “just do it” approach, or “done is better than perfect”; we encourage individuals who dare to take action and that are not afraid of making mistakes. You are eager to continuously develop and improve yourself. Knowledge of higher layer protocols (such as IGMP and SIP) is an advantage; we would be extra impressed if you are familiar with provisioning systems and typical network deployment scenarios.

We look for

  • Network troubleshooting on complex internet routing problems, both internal and external.
  • Experience with configuring and operating open source tools for network automation, metric collecting, log collecting, and visualizations.
  • Operation experience working on IP networking technologies, routers, switches, etc.
  • Advanced / expert level traceroute/MTR/tcptraceroute/iperf/tcpdump skills.
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP stack, application protocols (DHCP/DNS/HTTPs) and networking concepts (VRRP/VLANs/High Availability/Load Balancing/BGP/IGP/ECMP).
  • Comfortable working in a Linux/Unix environment.

What we offer you

  • Highly talented, distributed and multicultural team of network and application engineers.
  • Working on great tech stack with cutting edge glass fiber technologies.
  • Product company with a long-term vision.
  • Competitive salary depending on the relative work experience.
  • Project exposure and ownership that impacts our users, product, and business.
  • Challenging technical tasks, fast learning cycles, and meaningful feedback.
  • The best equipment money can buy.

This role is based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Do you have a question regarding this vacancy?

Contact our HR manager Ans Vogels at 040 747 0247 or send her an email at

Future colleagues

“The variety of my responsibilities keeps my job fun ”

When I started working at Genexis eight years ago, I knew that I had found an employer with a promising future in a new (growing) market. Today I still experience that challenging environment. The variety of responsibilities is what keeps it fun; from managing product releases to guiding mechanical design projects to supporting my commercial colleagues with product related requests.

Elroy Pluk
Product Owner

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